Young Labrit looking for her forever home


Molly proved herself to be a great camper-van traveller, and so she travelled the length and breadth of France with her foster family.  During that time she was seen by her prospective family . . who also happened to have a camper van!  Joy of joys for Molly.  They lived a long way from the south-west of France but have camper-van will travel!  and So Molly met her future adoptive family, took to them straight away and they passed the home-check test.  However both had significant travel plans and so it was only some six weeks later that they came to collect Molly.  And surprise, surprise, she remembered them after just a few hours with them.  And so the former street dog became the 'travel-in-style' dog.  Have a great life Molly!

Mira - the gentlest family dog


Mira has found her happy forever home with Peter and Ine, she has settled in very well and loves every moment of ther new life

A dog full of potential for adoption.


After looking after Moogli for  8 months his foster mum decided he wasn't going aywhere and decided to adopted. him.  He now continues to live a happy life in the country side with his 2 golden retriever sisters

Vanille looking for her forever home


Well my life has been nothing if not interesting!  I spent a lovely summer in a new home where I was spoilt but I also learned a great deal.  I became known as Milli Vanilli.  I was having such a good time and then I had to move again.  I really wasn't very sure.  I like car-riding, but I didn't know what was going on although the lady driving me kept reassuring me.  I met another lady and her friend who then took me to her home and BINGO!!!  I had two friends to play with - oh my goodness me, how I enjoyed myself.  I was able to run myself silly.  The cat took an instant dislike to me but I'd just biding my time as I think we'll eventually be friends.  I have been ever such a good girl that my new foster home has very quickly become my permanent home.  I have lots of friends, lots of exercise and just love it here in the mountains.

Top-notch Malinois


My foster family wants me!!  I've been with them for several months.  I know it took me a while to get used to what was wanted of me - and they were incredibly patient, giving me every opportunity of learn.  Their other live-in four-legged really did not like me very much at first - I think I was a bit too lively.  But little by little they have all grown to love me . . and I really love them and am SO grateful to them for giving me a chance.  I will always be faithful to them.

Coming out of his shell


When Bobby left my fosterer's I thought I would be next . . . then they told me that I was staying, that I would live with them for the rest of my life.  I can't tell you how happy I am.  I know I have grown in confidence since being with them - they make me feel good - and now I can continue to grow and become the dog I know I can be.  Life is just wonderful!