Bobby's a dazzler


Well I thought I was "at home" with my fosterer and all the other dogs.  Then one day a lady came along with a dog that looked amazingly like me, only smaller.  We got on really well from word go and had a good play.  He was obedient too and so off we went in a car together.  They keep telling me I have my passport and will be going to the UK.  Stan, my new mate, says it's OK and he'll be there too.  So I'm really looking forward to this new adventure.  

Charles the little man


I am one of the lucky ones!  The dreadful leishmaniosis had got me and I was taking a time to recover.  My fosterer took great care of me and then decided she couldn't let me go!  The better I got, the more lively and full of joy I became.  I just love living among so many other lucky dogs, cats, birds, and far too many other animals to mention.  My life is wonderful.

Beautiful Belle


Well, I just stayed and stayed and stayed with my foster Mum.  So now I am hers forever and I love it.  We go for very long walks every single day.  I go in the car with her and meet her friends and other dogs.  Life is just so good.  

Young Pyrenean looking for a forever home


So here I am, in my new home and I have a new friend.  She and I get on like a house on fire and just love to play and play.  I am still learning new things all the time and have lots and lots of walks.  Life is good.  My new owners think I am just great - "big, soft, but great".  I like that.

Beautiful Bella


After being returned from her first adoptive home as "too boisterous and wild", it was perfect timing as along came a family of labrador lovers who were looking to increase their pack by just one more.  It was - not surprisingly - love at first sight and after just a little over one week back with her fosterers she was adopted.  She has learned where her boundaries are - and has even been introduced to their pet ferrets, giving them a loving lick on the nose!  Live long and happily, dear Bella!

The boy nobody wants


And suddenly, after more than two years of waiting, along comes a family to the refuge and they fall in love with him.  Now he has a home.  We do not know their name - but thank them from the bottom of our heart!  Enjoy life to the full, dear Lemon.