3 kittens


After fostering these three kittens were returned to the refuge where they represented a great "bargain".  Unlike many refuge cats they were fully vaccinated, house-trained and used to being handled in a home environment.  Fostering made a huge difference to these three beauties.



This is just another story of a dog knowing when he's at home and when he's not.  As a refuge dog he was excitable and quite barmy.  The only way he was ever going to be adopted was for him to go into foster and learn some basic table manners!!  He joined a family of two female collies (both already rescued), and a pomeranian cross who is old and in permanent foster.  And he strangely knew he had 'come home'.  He has been in foster now for several months and, guess what, his fosterers have decided that he's going to stay.  He is a total joy to them and is well integrated as part of the 'gang'.  

Urgent home needed for Timmi


Timmi's success is quite simple.  Dogs know when they are 'at home' - and this was the case for Timmi with his second foster family.  He fitted right in there straightaway.  He was walking off the lead within a couple of days, demonstrated that he had excellent recall and just generally made himself at home.  It is for this reason that his foster family decided they would foster him to end of life.  What does this mean?  It means that he will stay with them as 'their' dog, and all veterinary costs as they arise will be paid for by people who have generously donated in one way or another to the work of Les Amis des Animaux.  

Long-term fostering is one of the best ways to help "oldies" have a comfortable and loving life in whatever time they have left.



Xena has found her loving forever home where she is adored.  She waited many months in foster where she learned so much that it has paid off.  Have a lovely long life dear Xena!


As Jayka was coming to the end of her foster period her new family appeared on the scene - just like that!  It is amazing how this happens.  Perfect colour, perfect match for their current dog, she was theirs in an instant!  And now she lives a lovely life with her family in Belgium, with very happy holidays in France!  Coincidences really do happen!

Les Amis des Animaux


Well it looks like I have landed on my feet.  My mate, Teddy, had a quick word with my fosterers telling them that he didn't want me to leave and that I didn't either.  I just so happy where I am and I have never felt safer.  Imagine my surprise when they said 'yes, I could stay, I was just overjoyed!  Now I am still gaining in confidence and I hope one day I might be able to welcome some other dog who does need fostering like I did and help them to find a forever home.