Xena has found her loving forever home where she is adored.  She waited many months in foster where she learned so much that it has paid off.  Have a lovely long life dear Xena!


As Jayka was coming to the end of her foster period her new family appeared on the scene - just like that!  It is amazing how this happens.  Perfect colour, perfect match for their current dog, she was theirs in an instant!  And now she lives a lovely life with her family in Belgium, with very happy holidays in France!  Coincidences really do happen!

Les Amis des Animaux


Well it looks like I have landed on my feet.  My mate, Teddy, had a quick word with my fosterers telling them that he didn't want me to leave and that I didn't either.  I just so happy where I am and I have never felt safer.  Imagine my surprise when they said 'yes, I could stay, I was just overjoyed!  Now I am still gaining in confidence and I hope one day I might be able to welcome some other dog who does need fostering like I did and help them to find a forever home.



As Beau became fitter, it became obvious that he was from working stock and would enjoy an environment where he could put his instincts to the test.  He was welcomed into the home of a gentleman who does a little bird hunting and is highly experienced in training spaniels - just about 45 years worth!  So Beau has landed on his feet.  He has a Beagle friend to play with, the opportunity to learn and learn and for loads of love and cuddles.  Good luck Beau!



Dilys (Dilly)

And find the right family I did!  I am a very lucky girl as I live in the countryside which is what I love.  I can hunt lizards and other things that move quickly.  I thought I might not like being an only dog because I had never just been on my own before but I actually like it.  Lots more treats for me!

It's been ever so hot recently . . . and my Mum got me my very own paddling pool.  I just love it!