7 going on 2 - that's a Labrit

Finou has now found her forever home wirh Viv Gray. Have a happy life Finou


Mira - the gentlest family dog

Mira has found her happy forever home with Peter and Ine, she has settled in very well and loves every moment of ther new life



After looking after Moogli for  8 months his foster mum decided he wasn't going aywhere and decided to adopted. him.  He now continues to live a happy life in the country side with his 2 golden retriever sisters


Cat ready for adoption

It is thanks to our refuge volunteers that Plume, formerly a feral cat, has become an adopted cat.  He left the refuge 18 months after having arrived - what a transformation!  A magnificent boy - have a magnificent life.


Well, I just stayed and stayed and stayed with my foster Mum.  So now I am hers forever and I love it.  We go for very long walks every single day.  I go in the car with her and meet her friends and other dogs.  Life is just so good.  


Gina Malinois

My foster family wants me!!  I've been with them for several months.  I know it took me a while to get used to what was wanted of me - and they were incredibly patient, giving me every opportunity of learn.  Their other live-in four-legged really did not like me very much at first - I think I was a bit too lively.  But little by little they have all grown to love me . . and I really love them and am SO grateful to them for giving me a chance.  I will always be faithful to them.