Well, I just stayed and stayed and stayed with my foster Mum.  So now I am hers forever and I love it.  We go for very long walks every single day.  I go in the car with her and meet her friends and other dogs.  Life is just so good.  


Gina Malinois

My foster family wants me!!  I've been with them for several months.  I know it took me a while to get used to what was wanted of me - and they were incredibly patient, giving me every opportunity of learn.  Their other live-in four-legged really did not like me very much at first - I think I was a bit too lively.  But little by little they have all grown to love me . . and I really love them and am SO grateful to them for giving me a chance.  I will always be faithful to them.


Please find me a home

And suddenly, after more than two years of waiting, along comes a family to the refuge and they fall in love with him.  Now he has a home.  We do not know their name - but thank them from the bottom of our heart!  Enjoy life to the full, dear Lemon.


Ulysse for adoption

Christmas was approaching and there was no interest in adopting Ulysse.  The kennels where he was staying were full over the Xmas period - and therefore the people running the kennels were also fully committed.  We needed somewhere urgently for Ulysse to go.  An appeal on Facebook brought a number of interested people.  The "winners" were up in the mountains beyond Pau.  Ulysse was going to spend Xmas there . . . and he did . . . very successfully . . . so much so that he stayed and became a delightful part of their family.  Failed fosterers abound - and we are always happy when they do!  For Ulysse we know that he has finally found the love, the care and the family life he needs.


Some chasse dogs love a sofa

Well, Elsa's foster home did not last very long - it became her permanent home!  Just like her own integration into the household - the decision also took all of 30 seconds!  "Should we keep her?  Yes, we should."

She is one of 13 dogs, all of which live in and around the house.  She has become a beautiful, reliable member, able to run off the lead through the vineyards, along with the other 8 "reliables".  Her veterinary needs are being taken care of - and she has been sterilised and had some cysts removed.  All in all, one very lucky girl - and a joy-giver par excellence!



Hello! I used to be called Blanco when I was dumped in the refuge having been kept in chains for a good part of my life. After many failed adoptions I have finally found my forever home through the people who came to the refuge to walk us all.  I was a bit of an unknown quantity so they spent quite a bit of time with me and then one day along came some lovely people who thought I was great.  A few days later I met them again and they took me home.  

It's taken me a while to learn what living in a home is about and how to trust that my people are not going to leave me like others have done. I think I'm doing OK - I am learning to play - something I've never done before; and I am learning new commands so that I can have more and more freedom. I am so happy and so thankful that I now am loved and can love in return.

It's been a few months now since I got my adoptive home and life is wonderful.  I now run off the lead and don't need to wander because I have toys and things to play with, guaranteed food on the table and lovely people to take care of me.  They have been away and left me in some lovely kennels with some lovely people.  The first time I was worried I was going to be left again, but they came back and were so happy to see me . . . and me them.   I love them both, and Richard lets me play and rough and tumble with him.  That is a special time for me.  The cats strutt their stuff along the window ledges and I am learning to ignore them though I know they secretly want me to chase them!  Life is good!

UPDATE: Hello Everyone!  Just before Christmas my Mum and Dad brought home another dog!  It was a fostered puppy called Lana that I'd met at the kennels and she had seemed very nice then.  But to bring her to my house!  That was taking things a bit too far!  Anyhow my Mum and Dad have been very insistent that I be nice with her - though she's rather boisterous - and bit by bit I'm getting used to her being around.  It's OK because I've not lost out on any love from my Mum and Dad because she's been there which is what worried me most.  I hope she might even be a bit of fun when she grows up.  Oh, and by the way, she is, of course, now called Lyra.

Floyd, ex Bobby


18 June 2015 was my big day though it did seem a bit odd.  The people I met last week came and took me for a long car ride and then into their home.  There waiting for me was the lovely dog I met last week.  She showered me with licks.  I did what only comes naturally in such circumstances with a bloke,  . . . I cocked my leg on a house plant!!  Apparently not the right thing to do!  Then they have this box where little people live inside it and make noises.  All very odd.  But I am learning and loving being free and loved again.

Wow!  I get loads of walks every day and guess what?  They even took me to a place where there's loads of water you can't drink - very salty - and we were able to play and swim.  I think I am in heaven!  My new Mum says she can't believe I've only been here such a short time as I've integrated very well.  I think that's a good thing.

UPDATE:  My name is now Floyd and I have acquired a passport and now live in the UK with my family.  Life is very good.