A Nugget for adoption

A happy ending for Nugget. He has now found his perfect home and family where he can show off his true personality.


Mira - the gentlest family dog

Mira has found her happy forever home with Peter and Ine, she has settled in very well and loves every moment of ther new life


Big boy needing a tender home

When Bobby left my fosterer's I thought I would be next . . . then they told me that I was staying, that I would live with them for the rest of my life.  I can't tell you how happy I am.  I know I have grown in confidence since being with them - they make me feel good - and now I can continue to grow and become the dog I know I can be.  Life is just wonderful!


Cat ready for adoption

It is thanks to our refuge volunteers that Plume, formerly a feral cat, has become an adopted cat.  He left the refuge 18 months after having arrived - what a transformation!  A magnificent boy - have a magnificent life.


Ulysse for adoption

Christmas was approaching and there was no interest in adopting Ulysse.  The kennels where he was staying were full over the Xmas period - and therefore the people running the kennels were also fully committed.  We needed somewhere urgently for Ulysse to go.  An appeal on Facebook brought a number of interested people.  The "winners" were up in the mountains beyond Pau.  Ulysse was going to spend Xmas there . . . and he did . . . very successfully . . . so much so that he stayed and became a delightful part of their family.  Failed fosterers abound - and we are always happy when they do!  For Ulysse we know that he has finally found the love, the care and the family life he needs.


Young Pyrenean looking for a forever home

So here I am, in my new home and I have a new friend.  She and I get on like a house on fire and just love to play and play.  I am still learning new things all the time and have lots and lots of walks.  Life is good.  My new owners think I am just great - "big, soft, but great".  I like that.