7 going on 2 - that's a Labrit

Finou has now found her forever home wirh Viv Gray. Have a happy life Finou


Max - long term foster

Max has recently joined the ranks as one of our Les Amis long-term fosters.  He was dumped at the refuge after spending all his life with his owners.  As they had passed away he, like many other dogs in this situation, was left alone.  His remaining family did not want him and short of making sure he was fed, his life was spent alone. . . and finally he was taken to the refuge.  It happened that a member of Les Amis was there and saw his sheer desperation and confusion at being left in such a peremptory manner.  It was pitiful.

And so a call went out immediately to see if a foster home could be found.  Because his situation was so sad, a temporary foster home was found very quickly.  However he could not stay there indefinitely and when an unexpected bereavement hit, he had to be moved.  He demonstrated severe separation anxiety, not to mention his severe skin condition.  Little by little all improved until he totally won over his foster Mum and Dad's heart.  And so he became a Les Amis long-term foster which simply means we remains responsible for his vet's fees but he belongs entirely as part of his new family.  


Young dog with loads of potential

After a very difficult start in lfe Oscar can now enjoy being a normal dog with his new family Julie Whitten


Setter X spaniel

Birch was dumped at the refuge together with two of her remaining babies . . and she herself was barely nine months old.  As often happens, the puppies were very quickly adoptbut Birch was suffering.  She has so much milk and no-one to give it to that she was in danger of developing mastitis.  By the time we had found her a home, her own last puppy had left her and, lo and behold, she had been given another lone puppy to look after.  Could the two of them be separated . . . fortunately our generous fosterer said 'No' - they must both come.  And so they did.

It did not take long for the puppy to be adopted - the fosterer's daughter fell in love with her and so the work of getting her ready for and undertaking the trip to the UK began.  But Birch remained without anyone interested in her.  She was a devoted mother, even a devoted surrogate mother, who played for hours and hours with her young charge.  She is small for a setter, and has spaniel legs, but the most beautiful expression.  

As Christmas approached our fosterer's daughter began a Twelve Days of Christmas appeal for Birch and it aroused lots of interest.  Before we knew it, Birch was on her way to her forever family.  She now attends our Social Obedience Classes and is learning a whole new way of what it means to be a young dog, full of life.  Long may it last dear Birch!