Bichette for adoption

Bichette and her puppies were rescued in a joint effort between Les Amis and Borderline Collies from a home where they were neglected and ill treated.  All her puppies have now been adopted and Bichette is in foster care near to St Gaudens, department 31, where she is looking for the security and love of a family to show her the better side of life - something she has never had before. 

Bichette is a calm, docile and very loving dog.  She loves a fuss and is so grateful, like many rescue dogs, for having provided her with safety.  At first, thanks to her background and having been mistreated, she was very wary of people until she got to know them.  More recently, has she has gained in confidence, she is more and more at ease and has even chosen to stay in the same room as a roomful of people! It will be important for all members of an adopting family to be patient and to give her time to get used to a whole new environment and once again build her confidence that nothing awful is going to happen.  . 

Bichette's papers describe her as croisé berger and she is about 7 years old. She has been chipped, vaccinated and sterilised. She has at some time suffered a gun shot injury to her rear  left leg which caused an injury which we believe never received veterinary treatment at the time.  (We believe this may have been when puppies from an earlier litter of hers were being shot - the threat her latest litter were under and hence her rescue.) This injury has resulted in her inability to walk on it or use it in any way.  However it does not seem to cause her any pain now, to bother her or even slow her down in any way! Veterinary advice has been against amputation, and at no point during her foster period so far, has the leg given her a moment's trouble.  

Since her puppies went to their forever homes, more time has been focused on Bichette herself and she has learned so much during a relatively short time.  At first she was very reluctant to go into the house - presumably because she had never been allowed in one in her life.  Now she is very happy to go inside, and has her own bed which she snuggles into with enormous joy!  She is great with children - even very small ones - as her fosterer has discovered.  She is also good with other dogs and totally ignores cats - they were likely a natural part of her former existence.  

Bichette is looking for a family of her own, preferably perhaps one who is present during the day or with other canine friends.  She needs to learn a regular household routine, including daily walks and just ordinary well-loved pet dog routines. As with most dogs, a fenced garden would be preferred as, up until going into foster, she had never known or learned any geographic boundaries!  She is not an escape artist.  She simply needs to learn where the limits are.  Once that has been achieved, it is most likely that she would be by your side the whole time.

Although she is currently based in Department 31 (Haute Garonne), she can be adopted anywhere throughout France, subject of course to successful home check.

If you are interested in giving Bichette the love and home that she has never in seven long years ever known, please write to us at  We - and Bichette - would be delighted to hear from you.