BLANCO - available for lifetime foster

DOB: 15 June 2006
AGE: 11 years
BREED TYPE: Dogue Argentin
Vaccinated, Sterilised, Wormed & Tick Treated
Weight around 36 kg
Good with female and non-dominant male dogs 
Does not understand cats
Not tested on poultry
Good with children over 6 (provided of course the children know to respect the dog) – has not been with children younger than this as far as we know

Blanco is available for lifetime foster under Les Amis. Put simply this means that he would to all intents and purposes be yours, except all veterinary bills would be paid for by Les Amis and he remains in Les Amis’ name.


Blanco needs a family who love and understand large breeds. He is strong of course but does not need massive amounts of exercise. He is in incredibly good condition for his age and his needs are few.

He needs space to potter around, and because of his penchant to chase cats, perhaps an enclosed garden, though he is no escapologist.


Blanco was left at the refuge with which we work when his master had died. He had been with him for ten years. In the refuge he was naturally lost and bewildered and it was our walkers who alerted us to his plight.

At the time we had someone who was looking for a lifetime foster and we thought we had a match made in heaven. Blanco even attended training classes where he showed himself to be so laid-back it was amusing! However after just a couple of months we were suddenly told the dog had to go because Blanco had “changed behaviours”.

Obviously in such circumstances we have to act fast and he went into temporary foster where we could find out what was happening with the dog by having him undergo a thorough assessment by a behaviourist and specialist in this type of breed.

We were delighted to learn that there was absolutely nothing wrong with Blanco at all. He is excellent on the lead, gentle in accepting food, responsive to call, responsive to stopping if he gets over-excited. This is a brief extract from the observer’s report:

He came when called, he listened and obeyed her commands. It was obvious that he has been trained in the basics. She had him sitting, lying down, coming when called and amazingly staying when commanded to, also rolling on his back to have his tummy rubbed. She walked him about on the lead and he didn't pull at all. She observed that he is curious and a very calm dog. She was surprised that he is 11 yrs old (she would have thought younger) but that is probably because age doesn't show on his white fur, he does, however, like to lay down a lot! He loves to play and she wound him up a bit and then told him to stop and he did. He understands there are limits and he doesn't pass them. She pushed his muzzle around and he didn't respond in any negative way. He registered but didn't respond badly to loud or sudden noises. He was deemed not to be super-dominant.

There was a very gradual integration both with the fosterer’s own bitch and her own grand-children – and Blanco took it all in his stride. Before the end of the first day he was wandering around in the grounds and in the house in the presence of everyone (except the cat!).


Although I only have Blanco in very temporary foster (my commitments are such that I cannot keep him longer) I have to say I have been very surprised at how gentle and responsive he is. When I went to get him as a really urgent removal case, I really had no idea what I was letting myself in for. I need have had no worries. He is truly a gentle giant.

My grand-children – who are not “doggy people” – adore him. He has walked with us to the shops without pulling on the lead. He lies by the pool when they are swimming and settles down with us in the evenings.

Like many white-furred dogs he does have a sensitive skin and we are currently treating his ears which have been left unattended for a long time – possibly because he doesn’t like having them messed with. However with no fuss but determination, he is putting up with the treatment without demur.

I knew Blanco when he came out of the refuge, attending the same training class with him – and so I am very relieved to see and experience that he is still the same, completely unchanged from the rather laid-back (so long as no cats in sight), easy-going dog we thought he was.

Now it is incumbent upon all of us to ensure that he does get that forever lifetime foster home that he so truly deserves.

If you think you can provide the ideal home environment for BLANCO please drop us a line at, or phone us on +33 (0)6 40 59 40 01 and leave your name, location and phone number, stating that it is Blanco you are interested in.

Home check applies for any lifetime fosterer. For lifetime foster, Blanco must remain within France.