Big boy needing a tender home

Age/DOB:  1.3.2015

Sterilised:  YES

Vaccinated:              YES

Diego was left at the refuge with all the signs of having been very badly treated.  He was terrified but showed no signs of aggression.  It was clear that he had not had the confidence-building puppyhood he deserved and he was suffering in the refuge.  The decision was therefore taken to put him into foster care.

Since being in foster he has developed by leaps and bounds although he still has a long way to go.  But with patient handling he will get there.  There are lots of things that continue to scare him – especially entering into an unknown situation.  He can be easily handled and has no food aggression.  He is basically obedient, having some simple commands and an excellent recall both on and off the lead in open spaces.  He loves to play ball and gives his toy up willingly.

He continues to be afraid things with which he is unfamiliar.  So he is being further socialized in busy areas, and work is being done so that he feels safe when left alone, be it in the car or in the home.  He is also still 10 kg under the average weight for a dog of his size and stature (65 cm to the shoulder; 105 cm long).