Some chasse dogs love a sofa

Elsa, like many other "chasse" dogs, ended up in the refuge for reasons that are not clear.  The only thing that was clear was that she had had quite a few babies and now she was in need of some veterinary care - and some TLC.  She was extremely unhappy in the refuge, confused and depressed.

We tried one foster family but their dominant bitch would not accept her and so she was returned to the refuge.  This was not a happy time for Elsa.  Then came the possibility of joining another gang and being fostered again, this time with 12 other companions to get on with.  Well, it took a record amount of time for her to integrate into the pack and find the best seat in the house on the sofa . . . 30 seconds!  

Her foster care has only just started and we shall bring you updates as and when we know more about her medical conditions.