Finaud is a lovely smooth-coated tricolour Bleu de Gascogne, born in 2012.  He is vaccinated, sterilised and has his passport, so he is ready to travel and can be adopted outside the Midi-Pyrenees subject to a satisfactory home check.

Finaud was found wandering (in the company of a billy goat!!) and had obviously been badly treated making him terrified. He came to us undernourished and all in all in need of very special loving care to gain the trust in humankind that he has probably never had.  He is in very temporary accommodation at the moment as we try to avoid him going back to the refuge where he will simply not survive - hence we need to find a better solution. Unusually, after being picked up wandering, he was found to be chipped . . . but (and we've heard this one before!) no longer owned by the person registered!  As usual with this breed, there is no malice, just gentleness and affection. An experienced home who can continue his training would suit him best and preferably with another or other dogs as this is probably all he has ever known.

In the words of his foster family:

" Finaud loves affection.  He will happily lie on the sofa next to me and put his head on my knee looking up at me and I’ll just stroke his head and ears. He is fine with the cats, who choose to spit or ignore him much to Finaud’s chagrin as he would quite happily snuggle up with them. He is generally good with our older labrador, if a little boisterous in play – something he has learned since he has been with us, having no idea what play meant when he arrived.  Bless him - he has no idea about playing with a ball.  He is more likely to run away from it or just look blankly at this round thing bouncing away.  When he does get playful though he is very sweet and giddy and you can almost see the lost puppyhood coming to the surface. He will run like the wind, and we like to let him off the lead because he has so much energy to spend (we do have a garden but he really loves to run flat out, ears flying up and down).  This is when he seems at his happiest, when he’s free as a bird following scents.  Luckily we live in an area where there is no shortage of open spaces and no traffic so that now that I trust his recall, I will walk slowly on and he’ll then gallop up behind me at the speed of light and screech to a halt at my feet.

Finaud remains a work in progress but now needs a permanent place with someone who knows and understands the breed.  The vet says he is in great health with a really strong heart and if he hadn’t had two dogs already he would have been severely tempted to adopt him.  I think this says a lot for Finaud and his potential.  He thinks it will take a while - and patience - for him to learn the social skills, and he needs someone with expertise for this to happen. Finaud will make a fabulous companion for the right family.  We feel our job is done – we’ve concentrated on showing him love, helping him improve his confidence and to learn some boundaries.  He walks nicely to heel, has pretty good recall, and now knows very well how to live in the midst of a large family.  We know that when he does find his forever family, many tears will be shed by us all."

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