JAVA at four months

Three puppies abandoned at the refuge - why?  Quite simply because they were sick.  And while the refuge did their best, conditions are far from ideal and sadly the treatment given was not the right one.  We took them out and brought them to our vet who immediately diagnosed demodectic mange and giving them just one week before their condition got incurable.  Thanks to his skill, the dedication of our fosterers, and their love and care they are all now bouncy, normal puppies searching for their forever home.  

This is Java.  What a beautiful head and balance she has!  She is just four months old at the moment.  Her two sisters are very similar but with quite different coats.

The other day the 3 of us were taken in a car to some sort of 'market' - and we had a lovely time meeting lots of different people - some of whom sneaked us a bit of cake!  We really liked that. One lady seemed to take a fancy to me and I rather liked her.