LouLou: Lab Cross

Loulou (or Lou, or Louis) is approx 2.5 years old and is now doing well in foster, learning quickly and ready for adoption.  He was called Loulou by the person who saved him.  His story is one of the sad ones but with hopefully a very happy ending.


Being and living in the heart of a family is new to Loulou.  He has had the good fortune to be fostered by someone who is a dog behaviourist which has made his learning and transformation rapid and effective.  This needs to be continued within the heart of a calm but active family. 

Because we do not know how he is with children, we are playing safe and advising best not with very young children.  However we must emphasise that he has shown no signs of aggression whatsoever towards any human, and with the breed traits that we think he has, there is every likelihood that he would be superb in a family setting.

He is young and so requires an active life, and particularly one where he can continue to learn. He has shown bags of potential and it would be a pity for this not to be fully brought to fruition to make him a wonderful mature family dog

There are videos available on his Facebook album which show him in calm play, learning recall, and learning to walk on a loose lead.



Lou was found abandoned in a garden.  Another association was alerted because he was barking at people as they passed.  This was seen as “dangerous” rather than the “cri de coeur” that it was from this loving dog.  The so-called garden was really little more than a rubbish dump – and he had been left there over several months with, we assume, people throwing food over the wall from time to time.  Other than that he had had no human contact for some long time.  It would appear that maybe at some point he had been wanted as he had no fear or evidence of having been beaten.

It was one of our colleagues who went daily to see him and little by little won his trust. He started to grow sufficiently in confidence that she could take him for a walk, feed him and brush him.  But he still had nowhere to go other than back to the isolation of a lonely “garden”, and that is when she called us to see if we could find a foster for him.

His fosterer took on the challenge of getting him ready for adoption prior to her taking her vacation in September – and she has achieved it!

Now all we need to do is to find that right family for him.



I have three Labradors, one of whom is aged, and so the biggest task for us was to work towards his integration in the household and for him to learn calm play.  When he arrived he had no boundaries at all and did not know what to do in a household setting.

Now he is an integral part of the pack, he understands his place and has respect for the others. Above all else, he has learned what calm play means – that it is relaxing and non-competitive. He is totally clean in the house and a tidy dog to have around.  He travels well in the car, settling down quickly throughout a journey.

He is eager to learn and soon attaches to the person teaching him.  He is food-oriented which makes training easier!  There are no food or digestive problems; his dish can be handled with ease as he has learned to wait for his turn.  He eats his treat along with the others, making no attempt to steal or guard. 

He responds easily to his name and his basic commands are developing rapidly.  He is so ready to be taken into his forever home and allowed to develop fully into the loving and responsive dog that he is.

If you think you can provide the ideal home environment for this handsome chap, please drop us a line at info@lesamisdesanimaux.com, phone us on +33 (0)6 40 59 40 01 and leave your name, location and phone number, stating that it is Loulou you are interested in. 

Home check and adoption fees apply.  For the right home he can be adopted either within or outside of France.