Mira - the gentlest family dog

Mira is a Beauceronne, approximately 5 years old, and is looking for her forever family home. She was dumped with her canine companion in a forest 5 weeks ago and rescued by another association who unfortunately had no foster homes available.  Les Amis were fortunately able to offer the two dogs a foster home together.  Floc, her companion, has already been adopted, and she too is ready.  So good is she that it beggars belief as to why she would be abandoned in the first place.

This is what her fosterer has to say about Mira: 

She’s absolutely the sweetest, well-behaved dog and has an excellent behaviour profile. She loves to cuddle, she is great with (young) kids and they can do everything with her. My kids love to play doctor with her and "examine" her and Mira is fine with it.  In fact she enjoys all the attention.

She lives with us in an unfenced country environment with 5 other dogs and a puppy. She’s free all day and has off-the-lead long walks. She stays around the house, never takes off, comes when you call her, lies in front of the door in the sun and is really easy going. She’s very good with other smaller male and female dogs.  While she is not dominant, we feel it will be better if her new home doesn’t already have a large male/female dog - smaller sized dogs are fine.

She’s energetic, loves long walks but she can also sleep for hours. 
She loves company and doesn’t really like to be locked-up or stay alone. She is really a family dog; she just wants to be around people. She travels well in a car. 
She loves to play with a ball and will bring it back and give it up.  As with many other animals, she can be dominant towards other ahimals when playing, but she is not aggressive, more possessive of her toys. 
She is vaccinated and sterilised.  She is a fairly large dog, weighing in at 38 kg. 

If you are looking for the magic of dog companionship, Mira fills the bill.  She would be delighted to meet you if you feel you could offer her a permanent home.  Please write to info@lesamisdesanimaux.com, or phone 06 40 59 40 01.