Young female labrit looking for her forever home

DOB: May 2015

Molly was found wandering the streets near the refuge.  She was terrified, barely a year old, and it took some time for her to be persuaded into safety.  She was clearly in whelp and so an urgent sterilisation had to take place.  Always a hard decision but she came through, and after the 24-hour shut-down, in the capable hands of her fosterer she quickly came round with no deliterious effect.  In fact, she recovered remarkably quickly and was going great guns until she ganged up with one of the fosterer's dogs and discovered cats!  And so it was back to the drawing board with her.  

We were fortunate to find a fosterer with no cats and a long successful history of training dogs - and this is where she is today, going from strength to strength.  She has her own Facebook page for her progress where her fosterer posts videos from time to time.  Molly is a very quick learner and incredibly eager to please.  She has bags of intelligence and joie de vivre that is now being channelled in the right direction for her.  She has just gone on her holidays with her foster family so there will be an update in a little while.