DOB: June 2014

Sterilised:  Yes

Moogli was found wandering the streets and yet was in very good condition when he arrived at the Refuge.  Everyone believed he was lost and he would soon be re-united with his family.  Despite many searches, it was not to be and the awful reality was that this beautiful, well cared for dog had been abandoned by the people he trusted.

Even then we were convinced he would be quickly adopted by a very fortunate family, but he wasn’t.  Sadly he fell into the category of “big, male and black” and it began to seem no-one was prepared to give him a chance.  Then another of our wonderful fosterers did just that and Moogli was able to pack his bags for the potential of a new life.  He has learned so much and is now ready for his forever family. 

Moogli appears to be a retriever cross who gets on well with both male and female dogs.  Cats and poultry remain untested.  He is full of the joy of life and has the energy to go with it so his new family should be energetic as he will need plenty of exercise as well as affection in his new home.  He would also suit anyone looking to train an agility dog as he is now of an age when he could benefit from such an activity.

He is responding well to the training he is receiving (with the advice of a professional trainer) as he is very intelligent and learns quickly. Although this is still very much a work in progress he knows his basic commands and responds readily to his name. His habit of getting excited when he hears passing cars is being directly addressed in his training with good results.  However a fenced garden is to be advised where he can play safely.

Moogli is a very cuddly boy and truly loves to please. He is fine when his food is put out for him and does not encroach on others when they are eating.  He is also learning to give up his toys on command.  He still has a tendency to pull on the lead when being walked, particularly at the outset, but again this is being addressed in his training and he will be trying out a special harness to this effect. His fosterer has found that he can be left at home on his own without any problems at all.

Moogli attended our fete in June where he was an absolute star in the clicker training workshop (see photo) and showed the other dogs exactly how it should be done. He mingled happily with other male dogs and behaved impeccably.

As with all Les Amis dogs, he is chipped, vaccinated, has been treated for worms, ticks, fleas and has been castrated.  He is now comfortably ensconced in his foster home just waiting for the day you come to meet him.  He is highly recommended.