A Nugget for adoption

Nugget was found wandering in a very sorry state.  He was incredibly thin and very hungry and weak.  He showed he had a beautiful temperament from the start. He was also sterilised - something very unusual to find in a male and yet he was not chipped.  Despite all efforts no-one came forward to claim him and even though it was clear he had not been badly treated and had some basics of education. With super care and attention, feeding him small amounts several times a day he soon put on weight and flesh started to cover his protruding ribs and hip bones.  

Clearly because his background was unknown, his fosterer, having a very young child, was reluctant to bring him into the house at first.  When she did she was amazed at how well behaved he was.  He soon learned which was his bed, and he loved just being in the midst of the family buzz.  He plays with his foster-brother - a feisty jack russell terrier - and is as gentle as a lamb with the fosterer's toddler. Although he is not a small dog (the Jack can run under his legs!), he does not take up a lot of space, nor is he particularly demanding.  He is yet to be tested with cats in close proximity.  At a disance he takes no notice.

All in all he is a great family dog.  He can be on walks off the lead, and has a great recall, but also walks well on lead.  His coat now shines and he is in full health.  All ready for adoption to the right family.

Nugget is being fostered in department 64, but is available for adoption in all departments subject to successful home check.

If you are interested in NUGGET please contact Les Amis des Animaux at: info@lesamisdesanimaux.com