Young dog with loads of potential

Oscar's life has been a bit chequered.  He was taken to the refuge when he was very young where he waited and waited for someone to adopt him.  Eventually he was adopted, but it would appear not very successfully.  He was left on his own for very long hours and consequently got bored.  This meant he escaped and wandered around the streets.  We understand he was picked up by the police, and then taken back home, several times.  But there was no change in the arrangements for him and so the habit continued.  Then one day when he was having a wander around Ihe got knocked down by a car and it was very painful.  No-one stopped and he ended up wandering in lots and lots of pain.  Fortunately some kind people saw him and got him picked up and taken to the vet's.  

 He was badly injured with a broken pelvis.  Fortunately he was reported back to the refuge from where he had been taken and it transpired that his owners no longer wanted him.  They were not prepared to spend money on his care.  We were brought in when there was talk of simply putting him to sleep.  Xrays had been taken and we were facing a large veterinary bill for an operation.  We were asked to consult with our vet for a second opinion.  Thank goodness we did that.  Far from needing an expensive operation, he needed just 25 days' bed rest to help his broken pelvis heal.  We risked him having a limp but that was a risk worth taking.  Being a young dog the bed rest did the trick and he is currently in follow-up convalescence with his fosterer.  He lives with another dog and is attending obedience classes where he is eager to please.  

Far from being an escape artist, he is simply in need of good exercise and something to help him use his intelligence. 

He is still to be sterilised, and tested with cats and poultry.