Sophia Griffon/Berger Cross

Chip No: 250268731706181
DOB: 1 November 2015 (estimated)
AGE: 1 year 10 months
BREED TYPE: Griffon/Berger cross
Vaccinated with Passport, Sterilised, Wormed & Tick Treated
Weight around 11 kg
Good with other dogs 
Tolerates cats
Good with children of all ages (provided of course the children know to respect the dog)


Sophia is now ready for adoption. She was rescued from the refuge with just days to go before whelping. As well as being a superb mother, she has proved herself to be a bright, lively young lady with loads of intelligence, biddability and the desire to “learn and work”.


It is very rare that our fosterers complete their behavioural assessment checklist with all “yes-es” which was the case for Sophia. It is so comprehensive that it shows us that she is an all-round good dog – able to travel, accompany her family anywhere, live with other dogs, know all her basic commands. She loves to “work” and therefore anyone interested in agility, obedience, fly-ball, cani-cross, etc would suit her down to the ground. Just look at her recall video off the lead, out of sight, on a walk! That has just got to be the envy of most dog owners!!


Sophia was dumped at the refuge, we suppose for reasons unknown. She could well have been left in the outside cage overnight. Indeed she went unnoticed even within the refuge itself . . . until someone noticed that she might just be expecting babies. And indeed she was, with only days to go! Far too late to do anything other than get her out and let her go through with producing her puppies.

So we got her into foster where within three days she produced 7 beautiful puppies, none of which looked anything like her at birth or even for the first six weeks! She was a superb Mum if a little possessive of them. At six weeks we had to move them all – or at least that had been the plan – because her first foster mum had to go away. Anyhow at five weeks she was still protecting them, only allowing her foster mum anywhere near them. So we took the decision to help dry up her milk, and separate her from her babies. So her babies went one way into foster where they continued to thrive and all have new homes.

Sophia went to another fosterer where she suddenly became the young dog she is – carefree, loving and full of fun. She has never looked back and it is difficult to imagine why she would ever have been dumped.


It did not take Sophia long at all to settle into our family life with our other dogs, and cats who, fortunately for her, know how to stand their ground and so she has learned to respect rather than chase. She attaches very quickly to her human and will be loyal to the end.

As she gradually got over her litter and back to form we could see she was enjoying a type of puppyhood – perhaps something she never had the chance to have. At under two years old, she is extremely eager to learn, making her highly trainable. She is fun to have around, bursting with life and happiness. She brings a smile to our face every day and her antics with our Frenchie X puppy are sights to behold.

When I was asked to give my assessment, these are the words (apologies to Maria) that sprang to mind and which are, I think, captured in her photos!

How do you solve a problem like Sophia?
How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?
How do you find the word that means Sophia?
A flibbertigibbet! A will-o'-the wisp! A clown!

She so deserves her own fun-loving family where she will be guaranteed to bring you great joy.

If you think you can provide the ideal home environment for SOPHIA, please drop us a line at, or phone us on +33 (0)6 40 59 40 01 and leave your name, location and phone number, stating that it is Sophia you are interested in.

Home check and adoption fees apply. For the right home she can be adopted either within or outside of France.