7 going on 2 - that's a Labrit

This is Finou. Her story is all too familiar; she was a much loved family pet who was adopted from a refuge at one year old. When one of her elderly owners died, the other struggled to give Finou the care that she needed. Allergy to parasites and stress meant that she lost weight and her flowing locks. When she came into our care she looked more like a Chinese Crested dog than the Pyrénéen Sheep Dog that she is. Since October she has been on a regime to increase her weight and promote hair growth and as you can see it’s paying off.
Finou is now ready to move on to the next stage of her journey, an adoptive family.  She has proven herself to be highly adaptable coming from being an only dog, she has integrated easily and perfectly into a boisterous multi-animal household.  

She’s a playful dog who doesn’t know what it means to be 7 years old! She is so keen to please and loves just everything (people, dogs, cats...). She loves jumping in the car to go off for a “play date” and travels extremely well. Similarly she is OK to be left behind and settles down patiently at home.  She is enthusiastic about going for walks and consequently is still a little eager on the lead.  However she is going to school to learn how to walk nicely (and lots of other useful stuff!). Off the lead she’s a dream and comes as soon as called.
She’s a small-medium-sized dog (chipped, vaccinated and sterilised) who will suit most situations from energetic family pet to faithful companion for someone less active.
Finou is in department 65 but available for adoption in all departments subject to successful home check.

If you are interested in Finou please contact Les Amis des Animaux at: info@lesamisdesanimaux.com