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10 years on – Cats

From Valerie West, the “first lady” of cats as it were!

“In the beginning our help for cats and kittens was through financial and practical support for our local SPA. A few volunteers began to foster cats and kittens from the refuge and this gradually grew into the full-scale programme we have today. Here are a few of our earliest fosterlings – just look at them now!”

1. Alice is enjoying a life of glamping luxury at Le Camp in Tarn et Garonne

Alice - July 2019
Alice now

2. Toulouse (was Bianca) is living in the Lot – she may only have three legs but has never let it hold her back.

Bianca / Toulouse in SPA
Bianca / Toulouse now

3. Chico came from the SPA in Tarbes and now happily rules the roost in Warrington, UK

Chico in SPA 2016
Chico now

4. Galipette made the transition from the SPA in Tarbes to a loving Lifetime Foster in the Gers

Galipette in SPA 2019
Galipette now

5. Grisou (was Blanco) didn’t travel far from the Tarbes refuge but is loving his life as a companion cat

Grisou in SPA
Grisou now

6. Isi found life in the SPA difficult but she is the apple of her owner’s eye in Cheshire, UK

Isi in Foster 2017
Isi now

7. Otto was dumped  at the Les Amis fête as a kitten but is now Senior Cat in his household in Charente Maritime 

Otto in Foster 2018
Otto now

8. Thomas and Tabby – brother and sister – now nearly 5 years old they have independent lives but still love to cuddle up as brother and sister to sleep.

In the refuge 2019
At our new home 2020

9. Orly – found as a kitten trapped hanging by one foot from a  barn beam, is now living a great life in Hautes Pyrénées.

Kitten Orly
Orly now

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