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10 years on – Dogs

IBIS – Oldest adoptee still living

Mel Jeal and IBIS who is still going strong.

Mel started fostering him in 2014 (he was born in 2013). Mel was a fosterer and Les Amis’ secretary for a while.

IBIS when first adopted - puppy at heart

This picture is of IBIS with Sherry, Mel’s most recent Les Amis adoption.

Recent picture of IBIS (right) with Sherry

From the dog team, just a very very few selected of the hundreds that could have been worthy examples; please take them as representative of the work we do!!

1 – ADAPTABILITY:  SHANELLE – cocker spaniel found in a garden covered in mange with an injured leg, terrified.  Months of careful foster care, had to have her injured leg amputated – now adopted, adored, and goes on holiday to Spain!

Shanelle before
Shanelle now

2 – PERSEVERANCE:  MAGGIE – fostered, adopted, returned, fostered, adopted – she came from the refuge in Tarbes and was adopted up in Brittany.  The couple split and she was part of the fall-out.  She was so upset and stressed when she came back that we wondered if she’d ever be adopted.  Now she’s loved to death and has a wonderful life.

Maggie before
Maggie now

3 – NEVER GIVE UP HOPE: LUCKY RYDER – singleton delivered to refuge – we went to help, discovered this little one could not walk – broken femur and pelvis – euthanasia seemed most recommended – we decided to give him a chance.  Now living in the Canaries with his friend Rambo and runs like the wind on the beach.

Lucky Ryder before
Lucky Ryder now

4 – FROM FERAL TO FANTASTIC – DIDI living wild for months – observed, fed, trapped, kennelled until we could get a lead on him – not aggressive in any way.  Several months of fostering from knowing nothing at all, this chrysalis emerged as a beautiful, intelligent butterfly who flew into the arms of a perfect family living in Italy.  He was soon climbing mountains, staying in hotels . . .

Didi before
Didi now

5 – LIFETIME FOSTERLINGS WANT TO LIVE! – PIXEL – was already 3 years in refuge when we picked him up from one of our lesser used refuges.  He went into lifetime foster.  His fosterer went back to the States for a holiday and never returned.  He moved homes and look at this at 14 still full of fun stealing a sock!

Pixel before
Pixel now

6 – IT TAKES AS LONG AS IT TAKES – GERI – came to us via travellers – he was out of control – needed expert help which we found after having to move around several foster homes because he was such a handful.  How could someone with a pocket handkerchief for a garden be right for him . . . well it proved just so because she’s a dog walker and he joined in every day.  Good fortune befell him at last.

Geri before
Geri now

7 – TRANSFORMATION – NOAH – in fact he had no name and was so called because we were in a period of incessant rain! Arrived at the refuge not knowing which end was which – he needed a full shave off – but done with kindness and out of the mess emerged a glorious swan who found his lifetime foster home in no time at all, joining Belle who is also a Les Amis fosterling. 

Noah before
Noah and Belle now

8 – THERE IS A WAY BACK – PERCY – a puppy of less than a year found in the most appalling state – the vet had never seen anything like it.  Could he come back from the brink? – ticks, mange, emaciation, weak, and injured – something that had never been attended to. Yes indeed he could!

Percy before
Percy now

9 – LOVE AND FUND RAISING DO SAVE LIVES – BLUE – absolutely petrified and blind in one eye – he went into foster where little by little he learned the ways of humans, and of other canines.  He needed an operation to save the little sight he had in one eye.  Now fully integrated into his family and loved beyond measure.

Blue's appeal
Blue now

10 – IT’S ALL IN THE EYES – BOBBY – Sometimes people hear what they want and not what they should.  The one that suffers is the dog, and this one was just a puppy landing in the wrong home.  Nothing “done to him” but see the difference an understanding fosterer makes by looking at those eyes before and after.  They speak volumes.

Bobby before
Bobby now

11 – ANIMALS WITH DISABILITIES DON’T SEE THEMSELVES AS DIFFERENT – MINIE & FLÈCHE – in the refuge together with siblings. The two girls have a neurological condition affecting their coordination and balance. They went into foster where they thrived. Now adopted and living their best lives with their new families, Minie goes hiking in the mountains, and Flèche moved to the UK.  

Minie & Fleche in refuge
Minie now
Flèche now

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