About us

We are a registered Association (charity) in France. We are not a refuge per se. Our mission is to help abandoned, unwanted and “difficult to help” dogs and cats find a new home. Most animals in our care enter directly into FOSTER where they can be brought back to health, if needed; be given the social skills they need; and in essence become ADOPTABLE.

We are run totally by volunteers. This means that all FUNDS RAISED go directly to helping those animals in our care, or in the care of a particular refuge with which we are working on a specific project.

Our philosophy: find a match

Respect and No Force
Our philosophy is to work respectfully and non-forcefully at all times with all people and animals. We want every dog and cat to find its forever home and we believe firmly that there is always such a home out there for that particular animal. Finding the home that matches the animal may take some time, or it may be very quick. It may be very near, or it may be far away. We do not put limits on any of those aspects.

We are extremely grateful to every single volunteer, no matter what it is they are doing for us – we hope it is something that lights their particular fire! As a result we have a core team of very highly motivated people who constantly give with their hearts and their minds, bringing a wide range of expertise to our activities. Our community of volunteers is extremely valuable to us and we endeavour not to take any contribution for granted, be it fostering, fund-raising, home checking, transporting, training, dog walking, cat cuddling, problem-solving.

There is always a way
We see ourselves a bit like a swan gliding peacefully and gracefully on the lake, while very often our feet are paddling like mad. This way if we are finding it hard, people know it is genuine, and usually help comes from somewhere.