Adopt a dog with Les Amis

We always have a number of dogs in foster with us and wherever possible they appear on our website as soon as they have gone into foster. Over time we update the information and as they become adopt-ready, we ensure that they have a full profile to help would-be adopters choose if this dog sounds to be what they are looking for.

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The profiles we produce are as accurate as we can make them. From the start of the fostering process we are building an ever-expanding picture of the dog in question. It does not matter if this particular dog arrives with us at just a few days old, or is already in the twilight years of their life. Who they are, what they are like, what they know, what they do not know or understand, the sort of family that would suit them, is of paramount importance. Photos and videos provide the sorts of visual images to help the choice as colour, size and looks are difficult to describe.

Once you have found a dog you are interested in, you can make direct contact with us. Receipt of your enquiry triggers our sending you an application form. It is thanks to COVID19 that this revised process has come about. The application form is designed to help us garner as much information as we can that normally would have been done by physical home check. Thus the more information you can give, the better able we are to find a match for you. Where there are several people interested in the same dog, we deal with applications forms received in strict chronological order. However, not being the first in line does not mean there is no hope. Because we are looking for a match between the dog in question and the family, it is not as simple a process as being first in line.

Every application form is considered by members of the Conseil directly concerned with this aspect of our work. Once approved, we can get on with the serious business of finding a match for you. We like to have discussions with you – ideally via Messenger or email – firstly with a member of the Conseil, and then we add into the discussion the fosterer concerned. They are the ones who are best equipped to answer questions about the dog itself and are best able to confirm through detailed discussion if we seem to have a match or not. This can take time and involves detailed discussion. It is at this point that a “meet and greet” can be organised, and with immediate or delayed adoption.

During this process you will have been told about the adoption contribution that we look for. We never charge for the dog itself. We do however seek a contribution to those costs that any responsible owner would pay and which we have already paid to get the dog adopt-ready: Chipping, Vaccinations – including rabies/passport in mature dogs, Sterilisation, Deparasiting Processes (Worm, Tick, Flea).

Our current adoption contributions are:

Puppy with Chip, Parvo live vaccine, Primo vaccine, worming, deparasiting and health certificate: 300 euros (of which 75 euros is refundable upon evidence of sterilisation). This means of puppy of around 8-12 weeks of age.

Puppy with Chip, Parvo live vaccine, Primo & Rappel vaccine, worming, deparasiting and health certificate: 330 euros (of which 75 euros is refundable upon evidence of sterilisation). This means a puppy of between 3 and 9 months of age. Please NOTE: Where a puppy is run on for the convenience of the adopter, an agreement between fosterer and adopter will be made to cover the cost of food etc.

Adult dog – up to and including 6 years of age – chipped, fully vaccinated including rabies and passport, sterilised, etc: 250 euros Male, 300 euros Female.

Mid-age dog – 7-9 years – chipped, vaccinated including rabies, sterilised, etc: 175 euros

Senior dog – 10+ years – chipped, vaccinated including rabies, sterilised (where health allows), etc: no charge for adoption. People willing to take on a senior will – if there are vacancies – be offered lifetime foster as an option.

Once the Adoption date has been arranged, the adopter receives an Adoption Contract, and relevant paperwork. This contract must be signed and returned. Payment of the contribution is made at this time either by bank transfer or cheque and must be completed prior to the dog leaving its fosterer. Once the dog is settled with you for a couple of days, we transfer legal ownership via iCAD to the adopter. This is sent to the adopter direct from iCAD in the post.

We consider all adopters as part of our Les Amis Community and love to get updates as and when possible.