Adopting a dog with Les Amis des Animaux

Thank you for your interest in adopting a dog from Les Amis. Find out how it works and how to find the perfect match for you.

The adoption process at Les Amis Des Animaux

How does the adoption process work at Les Amis?

All dogs arriving under the Les Amis care spend some time in foster, regardless of age or history.  This allows us to deal with any immediate medical attention necessary – including vaccinations, clearing parasites and sterilisation; assess what they know and start the training process, and better understand each dog and their needs. We then prepare a profile for each dog covering what they are like and the type of environment that would best suit them. This will help you choose the right dog for your situation.

How do I register to adopt?

You register online. We ask you questions about the life you and your family lead, your home and your preferences to help find the right dog for you.

What if I see a dog I am interested in?

We are delighted that you have found a dog that has caught your eye. The first step is to register online. This provides us with the necessary information on your situation and allows us to compare your situation with the profile you have in mind. If you have already completed a form and been approved, then you can write to us at 

Our adoption team are experts in matching up the right dog for you, taking all the known information into account. Sometimes the first dog you saw is not the best match. But we will work with you to help you make the perfect choice.

Where there are several people interested in the same dog, we deal with applications forms received in strict chronological order. However, not being the first in line does not mean there is no hope. Because we are looking for a match between the dog in question and the family, it is not as simple a process as being first in line.

Can I register if I don’t see a dog I am interested in?

Yes of course! The first step is to register online. We are always happy to receive your application and to start the search process.

We always have several dogs in foster, who may not quite be ready for adoption. Our adoption team can search through profiles and make some initial suggestions. Who knows – the perfect dog may just be waiting in the wings for you!

What happens after I have registered?

There are several steps in this next phase. Within 24-48 hours of sending your application you will have a reply by email from our enquiries@ address. If you think you have not heard, please check your spam. This approval email will have with it an attachment – the CERTIFICAT D’ENGAGEMENT ET DE CONNAISSANCE. It will be in English translation if appropriate.

What is the Certificat d’Engagement et de Connaissance (CEC)?

This is a document issued by the French Government in a bid to create better and longer standing adoptions, and improve the general education of the population in the care of dogs as pets. It is a requirement for every adopter and fosterer. Mostly it is common sense and yet a great reminder of what it is you are taking on in the adoption of a pet dog.

We ask that you read this and return the separate final page, with clear instructions. You should keep this Certificat with your signed page as it is a once-only requirement. So should you in the future want to add to your canine family, you can use this Certificat.

What is the next step?

Once your application has been approved and you have confirmed your interest by returning the CEC, we can start the serious business of finding a match for you. This process can take several different forms depending on where you are in your search. The crux of the process is that it is very much a conversation between all parties to get the best possible match.

It may start with some initial suggestions if you have no fixed dog in mind. If you have, then you will be in a communication group with the placement team, to which will be added the dog’s fosterer once we are all convinced that this dog seems to be a good match. A virtual or physical “meet and greet” can be organised, and with immediate or delayed adoption.

Once you have agreed on the dog you want to adopt, we then prepare your Adoption Contract. This will be sent by email, together with advice and guidance on taking on a rescue dog or puppy, and full information is given on how to pay the contribution required.

How much does it cost to adopt a dog?

We never charge for the dog itself. We do however seek a contribution to those costs that any responsible owner would pay and which we have already paid to get the dog adopt-ready: Chipping, Vaccinations – including rabies/passport in mature dogs, Sterilisation, Deparasiting Processes (Worm, Tick, Flea). Our current adoption contributions are:

Puppy with Chip, Parvo live vaccine, Primo vaccine, worming, deparasiting and health certificate: 300 euros (of which 75 euros is refundable upon evidence of sterilisation). This means of puppy of around 8-12 weeks of age.

Puppy with Chip, Parvo live vaccine, Primo & Rappel vaccine, worming, deparasiting and health certificate: 330 euros (of which 75 euros is refundable upon evidence of sterilisation). This means a puppy of between 3 and 9 months of age. Please NOTE: Where a puppy is run on for the convenience of the adopter, an agreement between fosterer and adopter will be made to cover the cost of food etc.

Adult dog – up to and including 6 years of age – chipped, fully vaccinated including rabies and passport, sterilised, etc: 250 euros Male, 300 euros Female.

Mid-age dog – 7-9 years – chipped, vaccinated including rabies, sterilised, etc: 175 euros

Senior dog – 10+ years – chipped, vaccinated including rabies, sterilised (where health allows), etc: no charge for adoption. People willing to take on a senior will – if there are vacancies – be offered lifetime foster as an option.

What else is involved?

You will need to thoroughly check the contract for accuracy (particularly your own details) and then return the signed contract and make arrangements to pay the contribution requested either by bank transfer or cheque before a collection date can be arranged.
Either during final conversations or at the point of collection you will get the dog’s FOSTER RECORD from the fosterer, which should give you all the information you require to ensure a smooth transition into your home.

Once the dog is settled with you for a couple of days, we transfer legal ownership via iCAD to the adopter. The final ownership document is sent to you, the adopter, direct from iCAD in the post. All transfer information is taken direct from the contract – hence the need for careful checking. We have no control over how long ICAD may take in posting the document to you. Once it is received, please ensure it is kept in a safe place.

Your chat group remains open to help with any questions around training or settling in you may have. We are keen that any apparent difficulties are aired and addressed so that you are supported in this important transition. We consider all adopters as part of our LADA community and love to get updates as and when possible.

Your home and lifestyle

I have children – can I adopt a dog?

Adopting a dog is a huge decision for any family. At Les Amis des Animaux we stress the importance that everyone in the family has agreed to adopting a dog.

Not every dog is suitable for young children, and we work very closely with you to find the dog of the right temperament, energy and size to suit your family needs.

I am about to move home – can I adopt a dog?

Moving home is very disruptive for people and for animals. It is especially disruptive for a dog that has recently arrived. For this reason if you are planning a move within the next six months, we suggest that you delay adopting until you have settled into your new home.

I live in a flat – can I adopt a dog?

You will be asked about the type of home you live in and whether there is outdoor space for on-lead and off-lead exercise nearby. The adoption team will take this into consideration when finding your perfect dog, and many dogs are quite happy living in a smaller space with regular access to the outdoors.

Each situation is unique and we will strive to find the right match for you.

Can I foster a dog before adopting?

In certain cases, fostering with a view to adoption is a possibility. Mention on your form if you are interested in having a trial period before the final adoption.

Do you have an age limit for adoption?

At the younger end of the scale, we have to have parental approval for young people seeking to adopt and still living at home. For senior citizens we do not have an age limit – much is dependent on a person’s level of activity, health and support system should anything happen. Many older people are happy to take on an older dog. It is about matching person to dog, regardless of age.

Is it possible to adopt with you if I do not live in France?

Yes, it is entirely possible. All our adult dogs have passports as part of their preparation for adoption. We are always seeking a good match so an approved home only would be allowed to adopt. There are costs involved, both from a travel and distance point of view. This can make a significant difference to the cost of adoption if a transporter is used. We spell out and discuss all these options.