We are currently looking for permanent homes for the following animals.  

If you are interested in any of the dogs and cats you see listed you may want to know how we work.  Wherever possible we give you opportunity to meet with the animal concerned, together - if appropriate - with your current animal family.  If all goes well, we will carry out a home check to ensure there is a match for the animal concerned, and then we will agree a date for adoption.  There is an adoption contract.  For dogs, we charge a flat rate of 140 euros which enables us to recoup the cost of chipping, vaccination (including passport where required), anti-parasite treatment for worms and ticks, plus, where applicable, the cost of sterilisation which will have been carried out at Association rates.  This enables these monies to be recycled to help more needy cases.  The majority of the cats are fostered directly from the refuge and returned there when well.  We always try to ensure you are taking on a healthy animal, or you will be made aware of any health/age issues.  

Older dogs and cats go to new homes on long-term foster to end of life,  which means the animal remains registered to Les Amis through iCAD and we cover vets' fees.  This helps ensure that animals, otherwise unadoptable because of their age, have a chance of a hearth and home in their senior years.