Vanille sharpei x lab

Well my life has been nothing if not interesting!  I spent a lovely summer in a new home where I was spoilt but I also learned a great deal.  I became known as Milli Vanilli.  I was having such a good time and then I had to move again.  I really wasn't very sure.  I like car-riding, but I didn't know what was going on although the lady driving me kept reassuring me.  I met another lady and her friend who then took me to her home and BINGO!!!  I had two friends to play with - oh my goodness me, how I enjoyed myself.  I was able to run myself silly.  The cat took an instant dislike to me but I'd just biding my time as I think we'll eventually be friends.  I have been ever such a good girl that my new foster home has very quickly become my permanent home.  I have lots of friends, lots of exercise and just love it here in the mountains.


Well, I just stayed and stayed and stayed with my foster Mum.  So now I am hers forever and I love it.  We go for very long walks every single day.  I go in the car with her and meet her friends and other dogs.  Life is just so good.  


Gina Malinois

My foster family wants me!!  I've been with them for several months.  I know it took me a while to get used to what was wanted of me - and they were incredibly patient, giving me every opportunity of learn.  Their other live-in four-legged really did not like me very much at first - I think I was a bit too lively.  But little by little they have all grown to love me . . and I really love them and am SO grateful to them for giving me a chance.  I will always be faithful to them.


JAVA at four months

JAVA'S STORY:  Well the lady came back with her husband and looked at me and my other two sisters.  And then went away again.  I felt a bit disappointed . . . and then to my surprise, they turned up at the Puppy Party and at the end of it I didn't have to do back in my kennel!  They picked me up, put a lead on me, took me for a little walk and then . . . put me in their car!  You could have knocked me down with a feather - I was adopted!  I have a new home and I am so happy.  I really really hope the same happens for my two lovely sisters, Nala and Lana.

LANA'S STORY:  I was left with my sister and we were OK happy and then . . . this huge white dog called Iorek came to stay and I really liked him but he wasn't too keen on me at first.  Then bit by bit her got used to me.  With Christmas approaching, the big boy's owner said she'd take me to see how we got on.  Well, Mr Big Boy as he's nicknamed, wasn't too keen on me being in his house at first but bit by bit I've wheedled by way in and hopefully I'm here to stay.  I love my home!

NALA'S STORY:  OK, I can now own up that I was always my fosterer's favourite and was kind of special to them . . so yes, I ended up staying with them and with my big "sister" Luna who plays and plays all day with me.  She doesn't even seem to mind when I chase and hang onto her tail.  She a beautiful big girl and I hope I grow up to be like her (even if I am black and she's white)!



After being returned from her first adoptive home as "too boisterous and wild", it was perfect timing as along came a family of labrador lovers who were looking to increase their pack by just one more.  It was - not surprisingly - love at first sight and after just a little over one week back with her fosterers she was adopted.  She has learned where her boundaries are - and has even been introduced to their pet ferrets, giving them a loving lick on the nose!  Live long and happily, dear Bella!



I am a member of the walking teams and was at the refuge on a Thursday as usual. Just before we finished Mel and I went to the back kennels. There was a little black puppy that had been brought in by two girls that afternoon and abandoned. I looked at this sorry soul who was sitting by the door shivering. The whites of her eyes were showing and her pink puppy tummy. I can’t resist a puppy tummy! I went to talk to her and she growled - so lots of pluck! When she was let out into the run she cowered in the corner so I went to talk to her again and she was timid but let me stroke her and make a fuss. It was at that moment that I knew I had to foster her. I hadn’t particularly been looking to foster, but it was that vital moment of a match. A quick discussion with Mel and it was decided that we would take her into the care of Les Amis and she would live with me until she was older and we could find her a loving home. Unfortunately I could not take her immediately so my husband went with Mel the next day to pick her up. By now, she had been let into the run with the other bigger dogs and was now limping. She came with Pat and Mel with no fuss.

She met our two Irish Wolfhounds, Hascot and Doughal, without a moment’s worry. She looked around her new place and obviously liked it. She then ate her supper, curled up on a rug and went to sleep. Even with that short time in the refuge, she was completely exhausted, as so many refuge dogs are.

Hascot decided the best form of defence was to ignore her completely, even when she sat on his head! Doughal was a little more interested and they have developed a good relationship and play well together. Hascot is beginning to take notice but still very tolerant of the whirlwind that flies around.

We took her to the vet and she was healthy and had her vaccinations updated. We did have a slight worry that she was limping and her back legs had a tendency to collapse. It took a little time but these have now completely resolved.

Thus it was that she wheedled her way into our home, into our hearts and into our lives. And so her foster home, became her adoptive home.

She has now been sterilised from which she made a full and energetic recovery. She loves the two boys and plays with them in the garden. Walks in the forest, leaping all over the place, running sniffing and enjoying herself but never goes too far, keeping us or Doughal in sight. She comes when called most of the time. Happy all the time and clearly likes people and always settles near or touching one of us. Neither Perdy nor we have looked back. We have definitely adopted her!


Some chasse dogs love a sofa

Well, Elsa's foster home did not last very long - it became her permanent home!  Just like her own integration into the household - the decision also took all of 30 seconds!  "Should we keep her?  Yes, we should."

She is one of 13 dogs, all of which live in and around the house.  She has become a beautiful, reliable member, able to run off the lead through the vineyards, along with the other 8 "reliables".  Her veterinary needs are being taken care of - and she has been sterilised and had some cysts removed.  All in all, one very lucky girl - and a joy-giver par excellence!



As Jayka was coming to the end of her foster period her new family appeared on the scene - just like that!  It is amazing how this happens.  Perfect colour, perfect match for their current dog, she was theirs in an instant!  And now she lives a lovely life with her family in Belgium, with very happy holidays in France!  Coincidences really do happen!

Dilys (Dilly)

Rescued Puppy

And find the right family I did!  I am a very lucky girl as I live in the countryside which is what I love.  I can hunt lizards and other things that move quickly.  I thought I might not like being an only dog because I had never just been on my own before but I actually like it.  Lots more treats for me!

It's been ever so hot recently . . . and my Mum got me my very own paddling pool.  I just love it!



Xena has found her loving forever home where she is adored.  She waited many months in foster where she learned so much that it has paid off.  Have a lovely long life dear Xena!