Hello! I’m Archie, a much-prized chocolate-coloured “sprocker”. When I was taken from the refuge where I’d been dumped the vet said that I’d only got about 24 hours to live as my body was full of infection. Now I’m in full health, my beautiful coat gleams and I just love life. I am vaccinated, sterilised, wormed, etc.

When I first went with my foster family, I wasn’t at all used to a house, so it’s been a big learning curve for me. Now I really get it... though I do have to be reminded occasionally that not all food is for me! I live very happily alongside 3 other dogs – two male and one female.

My training has come on by leaps and bounds though I guess because I’m a spaniel, I can get lost on scent-trails when out, and I find I suddenly go deaf. So for my own safety, I’m better with an enclosed garden where I can run and play – at least until my hearing gets better! I do however know how to sit and wait for my food, wait when told, sit when told – and that’s a huge step forward for me. Plus I’m pretty good on the lead.