Abandoned dog in foster care

Beau, a 90% Brittany at a guess, has not had a good start to life.  He was abandoned at a local refuge with a badly broken leg and immediately picked up by two of our walking volunteers, one of whom offered to foster him.  Veterinary investigation showed that it was an old injury - this poor youngster had been carring the injury for 3 or 4 weeks, and as a result the bones had fused, so it was impossible to operate.  He will always have a limp but it will become increasingly imperceptible as he grows and learns to rely on it as much as his other leg.  

Worse was however still to follow.  He suddenly developed a distended stomach and fearing bloat was rushed once more into emergency veterinary care.  Here it was discovered that his internal organs had been pushed through a gastric hernia which in turn were putting pressure on his lungs.  It was touch and go at first but thanks to major surgery and the fighting spirit of this little boy he survived.  He is with fantastic foster parents who are gradually bringing him to full health.  He is a quick learner and already has the basic commands.  He is chipped, vaccinated and castrated.  A delightful loving soul who will make a wonderful family pet with the right people.

As he has reach peak fitness and started to grow and develop, it is clear that Beau comes from working stock.  He is a "very busy spaniel" - always on the go, loving every minute of every day.  Then in the evenings he's delighted to settle down for a cuddle or six.