Hello, my name is Bella and I'm a labrador with a beautiful golden coat - it is so deep you can't really call it 'yellow'.  Like so many others I was dumped at the refuge for reasons I do not understand.  I am still young and have lots to learn but I am clean, attentive and just love life.  

I am now in my foster home where I can play with another dog and we have such lovely games!!!  They also have a cat and I'm OK with them too.  I think I missed out on my puppyhood as I really did not have a lot of chance to play before.  I love being in the car and going long walks.  I love children too but I think I'm a bit exuberant some times and have to be reminded to be gentle.  I have just been sterilised so am not looking my very best, but if you are interested in adopting me and letting me be your friend for life, you can reserve me!


UPDATE:  Bella was adopted and has been returned as "too wild" after 6 weeks.  She is not a dominant dog and needs firm guidance as to where the boundaries are.  When this is not made clear, she naturally tries to find them herself.  She suffered from not having anywhere to expend her energy - in 8 weeks she only had lead walks.  So she is back with her fosterers and learning the boundaries, getting exercise, and learning more.  There is not a bad bone in her body - she is just full of joie de vivre.