Bobby seeking a new home

Age/DOB:  21.07.2015

Sterilised:  YES

Vaccinated:  YES inc PASSPORT

Bobby was acquired as a puppy by a family who were totally unfamiliar with dog-ownership.  This led them to make a whole train of mistakes in his upbringing such that by the time he was only 4 months old they had grown frightened of him.  It was the classic story of no-one showing the puppy the boundaries and consequently a very confused puppy who thought he was being given the unlikely job of being alpha in his human pack.  Hearing of this plight, Les Amis moved in and he went directly to foster with a highly experienced family.

It was not very long before he was making huge progress.  Now he is a pleasure to own with a good level of training.  He has so much going for him:  great with children and other dogs; has a range of basic commands, including a good recall both on and off the lead, down, wait and stay.  He is comfortable in crowded areas and enjoys car travel.   He still has the residue of an early-developed food aggression which is still being worked on, though he is many times better than he was when taken on at such a young age. He is a good guard and will protect your home by barking warnings.  He is calm and well-behaved - a real asset.

We can now recommend this boy for any family home where he can continue to use his brain, have physical workouts, and develop his abilities further.