Hello!  I am Charles (well that is now my given name as I didn't have one)!  I was abandoned at the refuge because I was very ill.  I had an extreme case of sarcoptic mange that had eaten into my skin over most of my body.  I was in pain and severe discomfort, so much so I just curled up in a ball and wanted to die.

Then I was taken out of the refuge and given treatment.  People were kind, I had good food and lots of care . . . and gradually I got better.  The pain got less and I stopped itching all over.  After a few weeks I was able to mix with other dogs and had some fun.  I started to enjoy my life again and now I am in my foster home where I can start to look the young dog I am again.  People think I'm about 15 when in fact I'm only 2 or 3!  I have a beautiful russet coat which when it grows through will be beautiful.  I only weigh around 5 kgs so am not a burden either in size or keep.

I am now chipped, fully vaccinated, sterilised and becoming the young fun-loving dog I should be.