Les Amis des Animaux

My name is Déclic and I am 7 years of age.  I am probably a border collie/beardie cross and have recently been dumped in the refuge for reasons I do not understand . . . and I have been very scared.  I did not know who to trust - even the people who came to take me for walks - as I was not sure what was going to happen next to me.

Now I am feeling much happier and safer as I have moved into a foster home and it was just wonderful to be able to sleep without having to have one eye open all the time because I was scared of being attacked, or any other horrible thing I could imagine.  I have a garden in which I can run free, a new friend called Teddy and lovely people who give me treats, who pat, love and care for me.  I hope this will help me get over my nervousness and then make someone very very happy.  At the moment though I'm happy where I am.

JULY 2015:  I have been with my foster family for over a month now and I have learned that it is not scary to go into their house . . . in fact it is quite nice!  I am learning how to play which is something I have never done in my life.  I am also getting a bit used to little people so long as they are not too noisy as that worries me.  So very much new to me and every day I am learning - and most importantly, learning to trust again.