Rescued Puppy

Hello – I’m called Dilys and I love life!  Here is my list of my ‘favourite things’ – I like running free as the wind, jumping with joy, eating my favourite food – anything at all, playing with my toys, and having my tummy rubbed.   Oh yes, and I like learning. 

When I arrived at my foster home I knew nothing.  But I did just love being with people, especially if they had a little treat in their hand!  I love playing with my foster “brother” Archie and am a right snuggle-chops in the evenings when I bag pole position in front of the fire or on the sofa. 

I’ve heard there are things called cats and I saw one once.  I see chickens regularly and so long as they don’t run I find them boring.  I do like little people though and I try not to be so exuberant for them.  I love being out for a walk and walk quite well on the lead so long as I’m not too excited.  I can also be off the lead and “normally” respond to the whistle unless there is something else to interest me, and I may go deaf if I’m busy digging.

You see, I am still quite young – less than a year.  I’ve been in my foster home for the last 5 months after I was dumped at the refuge with an injured leg.  I had neurological damage and could not walk properly.  My right foreleg had been injured by a rope or wire causing a deep wound.  Although the wound healed, I still could not use my leg and perhaps that is why I was dumped.  My doctor was great and now I’m totally cured.

They say I am like a pointer with something else added.  My foster Mum says I am medium-sized, well balanced, clean and healthy.  I have been sterilized, am fully vaccinated, wormed and chipped.  My foster Mum has promised me I will only go to the right home for me.   I look forward to meeting you.