Gina Malinois

GINA is a 4.5 years, lively and loving dog who would benefit from a home that is familiar with the breed.  She has undergone significant training in her foster home and relishes learning and being occupied, so someone willing to continue with her training would be ideal.  She is also fully vaccinated, sterilised and treated against worms, ticks and fleas.

She would be highly suitable for anyone interested in obedience, agility, fly-ball, working trials (not sure if these exist in France).  She might even be suitable for a more focused working career with livestock or as a service dog.

In the home she is a relaxed, calm and affectionate dog.  She is good in the car, can be easily handled for general well-being checks, including veterinary checks, and she has basic commands: sit, down and recall, even off the lead outside.  She is comfortable in a town environment and is not fazed by crowds.  

She has a tendency to be defensive with other dogs at first until she knows them, though her programme of desentisisation has brought great improvement.  She does not understand cats and has so far not been tested on poultry.  She has shown herself to be good with sensible and pet-oriented children.  However, given the breed and her strong working ethic, we would counsel against very young children, other than with experienced adult handlers.

In short, she is a wonderful example of the breed both physically and in her desire to work and would make a wonderful companion for the breed enthusiast.

UPDATE:  Gina's fosterer has unfortunately had an accident while on holiday which has meant Gina has had to spend some considerable time in boarding kennels.  Here she has demonstrated a much greater ability to get on with other dogs.  We are now urgently seeking an adoptive home for Gina so that she can continue her training and fulfil her potential..

UPDATE: Gina has joined her new foster family (with a view to adoption) and is sharing her home with an elderly German Shepherd dog.  She has landed on her feet from a training point of view for she is with someone who has had Belgian Shepherds for many years and therefore understands the vagaries of the breed - all to Gina's advantage.  Whether she stays there or not, her levels of adoptability are rising all the time.