English Setter

This is Jaeger - a tri-colour English setter.  He is just about a year old and until now it would appear that he has been left pretty much to his own devices.  He is a happy sort of chap, full of life but still gets worried if he is left alone.  He loves to have company around him - both other dogs and humans.  We do not know why he was abandoned in the refuge but can guess - the misguided idea that because he is an English Setter he is a natural 'chien de chasse'.  This is so mistaken and it is clear from the cut of his head that he most likely goes back to show stock and not working stock.  

Because of his possible lineage and the misplaced reputation of setters around here, it was pretty clear to Les Amis des Animaux that he was unlikely to get adopted unless we stepped in and did something to help him.  He is now in foster care where he is learning lots of new things and is reported to be an eager learner.  He has the best of temperaments and gets on well with all other dogs, being non-dominant, does not worry about cats or poultry and absolutely adores children.  Naturally because of his size and his age, he is a little too boisterous still for very young children.  They would not be in danger, but could get pushed over by his exuberance.

He is in the hands of experienced trainers who will in a relatively short time make a superb dog of him.  He is already showing lots of promise and he has so far only been in his foster family for a little over a week!  He is available for adoption with people who have experience in training; or can be reserved until he has learned all his basics.