Please find me a home

UPDATE:  Lemon is now priority.  Winter is approaching and Lemon does not deserve to spend another winter in the refuge.  He is not a special case - he's just a dog that nobody wants.  We know his limitations and yet with patience and understanding he can learn so much if just given a chance. He is lovely with people - there is no issue there at all.  He needs a foster or adoptive home - ideally with no other dogs, though he is castrated and OK bitches - where time and effort will be put into him.  He does not deserve to spend long years behind bars and yet that is looking like his fate.

Hello!  I'm Lemon and I'm probably some sort of Britanny cross - no-one really knows my background.  I'm not having much luck at the moment.  I am in the refuge in Tarbes Nord and have been for many months.  I did spend a little bit of time 'out' when I was castrated because my wound got badly infected.  My fosterer said I behaved really well and I went back to the refuge because someone had reserved me . . . and then they didn't want me at all.

And so I have continued to spend many long months in the refuge.  People come and people go.  They look at me and then pass on by.  I don't appear to be attractive to anyone though I continue to live in hope.  I am not learning anything here which is making me even more difficult adopt.  Trouble is I don't get on very well with other males and even the ladies if they get more attention than me I get a little bit jealous.  I don't mean anything by it - I just want to be loved for who I am.  

If you think you could give me a chance - preferably on my own - no dogs, no cats (as that's another of my downfalls) - I would make you a loving and faithful companion.  I just need the chance to learn and trust before it is too late for me.  Foster home or adoptive home either will do!