Noé: Mr Adaptabe

NOE : Mr Adaptable 

Noé is now ready for adoption.  A more loving, attentive and intelligent dog is extremely hard to find.




NOE is such an adaptable chap that it is easy to say that he would fit into virtually any sort of family.  He is a young boy but with a sage attitude to life.


He appreciates activity – such as playing and walking – and would integrate easily with another dog or dogs in the family.  He is one of those sorts of dogs that just fits in.  He has particularly distinctive markings which makes him highly attractive


He has the most beautiful of temperaments, looks at his humans with doleful eyes, and yet is always up for a bit of fun.  He has no stress at being left alone for a while, he loves the car, and is equally just as happy to snuggle up at your feet on a cold evening.





Noe was abandoned at the refuge with a severe limp, which was originally thought to be arthritis.  However he was taken to our vet who had to do a difficult operation on his foot because it would appear that a grass seed had been in there for a long time, had disintegrated and created a deep-seated infection.


As he has recovered from this and has once again got used to using his foot, he is enjoying lots of running and playing apparently pain-free.  He still has a tendency to stand light on that foot, but that is gradually improving over time.  However he does have an old unattended elbow wound which is finding its own way to knit together.  This explains his limp which appears on walking but not on running.  If we add all of this together, we can assume that he has not had an easy life before being found exhausted on the streets.


After his operation, we were determined that he should not be returned to the refuge where his gentleness would go unnoticed, and so he went into foster during his rehabilitation period.




From the moment Noe arrived he integrated well with my two other dogs and with the kitten that arrived in foster at the same time!  Within a very short space of time I was able to walk him off-lead in the countryside, comfortable in the knowledge that he was not going to run off, or chase, or do anything other than stay around my own dogs, snuffle in the grass and come back when called.  This has proved to be the case.


He enjoyed his trip to the river where he showed us that he just loved paddling and splashing in the water.


He eats well, is very quiet unless he feels he needs to alert us, and all in all a very easy dog to have around.  It would be lovely if he could find his forever family very soon.



If you think you can provide the ideal home environment for this attractive and intelligent boy, you can PM me, drop us a line at, phone us on +33 (0)6 40 59 40 01 and leave your name, location and phone number, stating that it is NOE you are interested in.


Home check and adoption fees apply.  For the right home he can be adopted either within or outside of France.