Young Pyrenean looking for a forever home

Hello!  I am Sami (my new name - I was called Blanco before but I never used to answer to it!)  I am still only 9 months old and already I have had two homes plus two stays in the refuge!  Well I suppose it's now 3 with my new foster home.  Life is currently a bit confusing, but I know I'm going to be alright as I'm having fun for the first time in my life!  I have a new friend called Luna who is learning to like me and teaching me how to play.

I am in my foster home to learn good manners so that I can be the wonderful pet I deserve to be.  This is my first entry on this page as I've only just arrived - so I'll keep you posted. But if you like the look of me - they say I am handsome! - then you can visit with me and reserve me if you wish. 

Well, I've now been in my foster home two weeks and I've learned a lot. I now know how to sit when I'm told to do so.  I just didn't see the point before.  Now I know I sometimes get a little treat!  I really love playing with my friend Luna and I like lying in front of the fire with my head on someone.  I am so eager that I forget I pull on the lead but now I have a new head collar that helps me remember.  I am a big boy and people can easily forget that I am still a baby.  I am however very clean and a really good boy!

UPDATE: One month in and I'm really learning a lot . . . including I like to be a house-dog.  I guard my house and my people but I am also as soft as putty.  I would never do my people any harm - even if they put their hand in my foodbowl, or make me get off my favourite sofa.  I am also OK cats so long as they do not run.  If my family have to go out, I am a good boy in the house and wait patiently for their return.

UPDATE:  It's been a while and I've learned such a lot - in fact they are saying I'm now ready for my forever home.  Do you know one of the things I like best?  It's being vacuumed!  I just love it when they get the vacuum cleaner out.  I go and stand over it and wait!  I am still only a baby, despite my size, so have got into hot water chewing things I'm apparently not supposed to chew like a cushion, but I am a good boy and try not to steal food.