Timmi needs a home

Timmi was brought into the refuge along with an English setter by the police.  They were found wandering and were picked up - clearly abandoned.  Needless to say, they were not chipped so no background at all.  Timmi is estimated to be about nine years old, and judging from the marks on his face, has been through the mill.

He and his setter friend were taken out of the refuge into foster care from where he escaped in the early hours of the first morning by leaping over a stable door.  He had been in a poor state when he arrived so his ability to do this surprised everyone.  Nine days later he was found, having travelled in a direct line south some 40 km.  He was clearly on a mission to get back to what he had known.  In our book this makes him a pretty remarkable dog and demonstrates a loyalty that the person he was trying to get to does not deserve.

Timmi has now been in two foster homes - in the first one we learned that he does not get along with dominant males.  In his second and current foster home he is a star and in his fosterer's words: "the easiest dog I've ever had and it's like he's been here forever."  He is obedient both on and off the lead; is quiet, clean and loving.  He is castrated, fully vaccinated, wormed, tick and flea treated - and just ready to go.

Timmi is ideally looking for his adoptive home, but a long-term foster under our auspices would be considered.