Ulysse for adoption

I am Ulysses and have spent time in the refuge, been adopted a couple of times and then for reasons I don't understand I was shut out of my home and had to wander the streets for a little while.  I was not very used to this and was a bit scared.  I didn't understand about cars on the road and ran out in front of one which injured me and I was taken back to the refuge from where I had come a couple of years before.  They had a vet look at me but I just could not seem to walk properly.  I thought I was, but I wasn't and it hurt really badly.

Then these nice people came along who fostered me while they tried some treatment to help my damaged nerve come back to life . . . but it wasn't able to.  These nice people had to go away and so I went to another nice place - not exactly a home but I do have my own 'room' where it is lovely and warm and cosy.  Then I had to have a big operation to remove my damaged leg as it was causing me so much pain and was not any use at all.  I can manage remarkably well on my 3 good legs and life is getting better and better.  I am remembering lots of things I was taught when I was a puppy and it is just so good to be in the company of nice humans again.  I am getting so strong that I can now pee on just two legs!  How good is that!  I live with Harry at Happy Paws Kennels in Trie sur Baise - do come and see me if you think you'd like to have me in your life!  I'd certainly love to be part of yours if you like walks, playing and lots of cuddles.

UPDATE:  Ulysse is now fully healed from his amputation.  He is already castrated and so, with his full carnet de santé (vaccinations, worming and tick/flea treatment) he is all set to go to a loving home.  Do not think that you would be taking on a problem, a burden.  Ulysse, despite what he has been through, absolutely loves life, gets on well with other dogs - even non-dominant males - and will make the most fabulous family dog.  Cats and poultry remain untested - but he does not pay any attention when walking past. What's more he is as gentle as can be with children.