Vanille sharpei x lab

Vanille came into the care of Les Amis des Animaux from the refuge where she was dumped as a puppy presumably because she had a severe case of entropion in both eyes.  This meant her eyelids were turned inwards so the lashes constantly irritated her eyes, making them full of gunge so she could barely see. Now they are perfect.

Her description comes from her current fosterer in a series of Facebook messages:

“I've been fostering Vanille (often called Milli Vanilli) for Les Amis des Amimaux for ten days now and it feels like she's been here forever ! She's really found her feet now, her personality has emerged and she is playing with all her toys, eating her meals and just generally being a lovely girlie ! . . .

“We celebrated her first birthday on Saturday and she had a few presents but of course the perfect present would be a forever home.

We think she's Labrador/Shar Pei/Setter but of course this is all guessing .. She's only 14kg so she's not a big dog but she sure has a big personality. . .

“She will fetch a ball, enjoys a game of football and likes to chew a stick, adores her monkey and she especially loves having a mad half hour doing laps of the garden and leaping in the air like she's crossing a finishing line at the end. She is young so she'll then collapse on her bed and snooze quite regularly .. Which gives me time to collect up her numerous toys from the garden !

“She's a very gentle girl, takes treats delicately from your hand and absolutely adores kisses and cuddles. As I said, Milli Vanilli is just a year old so she's young enough to learn and does still pull a bit on the lead for example, but she is very obedient, responds well and keen to please.  And she's beautiful !!”

All Milli Vanilli needs now is her own forever home where she can fill a gap in your life.  Please come and meet her.  If you are interested, please write to, phone 06 40 59 40 01, or express your interest on her album on Facebook.