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This is Archie, a sociable young bobtail cat who was found wandering a few weeks ago.  He was already castrated, so probably someone’s pet who was lost or abandoned and left to fend for himself.  Kind people took him in, fed him, and Les Amis arranged a vet visit.  He was given a clear bill of health  but tested positive for FIV so will need a home where any  outside space is free from territorial or combative cats.

His distinctive tail is not a birth defect – it shows that one of the bobtail breeds figured somewhere in his recent ancestry.  Archie is a handsome cat, around two to three years old, and responds readily to  friendly human contact.   Having supported himself for a while he is also an accomplished rodent controller so will certainly earn his keep around barns or stables.  He is very nervous of dogs, probably from scary experiences when living rough so any introductions to cat-friendly dogs would need to be made gradually and with patience.

Archie is now chipped and first vaccinated and urgently needs a kind home of his own after his recent adventures.  He is currently living near Cahors (46 Lot) but we can help him move to a new home elsewhere in France.  Could you be Archie’s new family?  If so please contact us.

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