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You may remember Athos, who is registered on i-cad as a Siberian blue point. He had been abandoned at the refuge and was distressed and refusing to eat.  He was taken into foster and all was well at first – a much happier cat who was eating again. But Athos was not prepared to share the household with other cats and dogs, becoming very stressed, aggressive to the resident animals, refusing food and ending up in the veterinary hospital. He is now in a friendly pension on a gastro-sensitive diet and doing well in his own space again; Athos may have a sensitive stomach but the vet believes his problems are largely psychological.

We think Athos was almost certainly an only cat in his previous life and was treated as the little prince he obviously thinks he is!  When life is to his liking he can be a delightful and affectionate companion but he does not cope well with competition or disruption. We are therefore looking for an adults-only home for him where he will be the only pet and which will offer him the stability and individual attention he craves. He is chipped, vaccinated and castrated.

If you are an experienced cat owner without animals at the moment and could provide Athos with a permanent and loving home then please contact us.

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