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This pretty cat is Bamboo, around three years old, but still not much more than kitten size. She was found, very hungry and very scared, hiding amongst the bamboo in a  garden – hence her name.  The kind owner took her in and when she visited the vet for a check over he found she was already sterilised (an ear tattoo verified this) and she has tested negative for FIV/FeLV.

She has been confined for a while in the hope that she would become more relaxed  and confident with people but although she is happy to be stroked she resists all attempts to pick her up and we have come to the conclusion that she would be happiest as a mainly outdoor cat, perhaps keeping the rodents down in a barn or stables in return for basic rations.  Bamboo is currently in 32 Mazerolles (Gers) but we can help her move to a new home  elsewhere in France.

She may in time become tamer but will probably never want to live in a house; not the cat everyone is looking for but the perfect choice for someone who would like a feline alternative to poison for keep the rats and mice at bay. And she is very pretty!

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