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Meet Bear and Phoenix, reserved the first day they were advertised, way back in early December. Their adopters asked the fosterer to keep the kittens until late January as they were going away but a just a couple of days before collection they changed their minds and decided not to take the kittens after all.  So after waiting for nearly six weeks to go to their new home these adorable brothers are unexpectedly looking for a forever family – or families, as although we would like them to go together they would be fine separated if another friendly playmate is available in their new home. There is no charge for the second kitten when two are adopted together.

Phoenix is the tabby boy, and Bear is his Siamese X brother.  They are very lively, active and confident kittens – full of energy and bounce! They love interacting with people for playtime and for cuddles when their batteries need recharging but are probably a bit exuberant for very young children. They are needing more room than they now have and once settled in a new home would definitely be happier with access to a garden or outside space.

Bear and Phoenix are now 13 weeks old, chipped and fully vaccinated and very ready to move on to the next stage of their lives. They are currently in foster in 65 Mazerolles (Hautes Pyrénées) but we can help them move to new homes elsewhere in France.  If these two little bundles of fun would liven up your life then please get in touch

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