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Bibi - Calm and cuddly

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This is Bibi, an affectionate twelve-year-old lady who enjoys the simple pleasures in life – sleeping, eating and having a cuddle.  She is never happier than being stroked and fussed and would win any purring competition!

Bibi came into our care when her owner went into a nursing home. She was already sterilised and while in foster she has been chipped, had her teeth sorted out, and her vaccinations have been brought up to date.

As Bibi has always been an inside cat she would be an excellent choice for anyone living in an apartment or without access to a safe garden. She would be best suited to a quiet home and as she has never lived with other cats or dogs would definitely be happier as an only pet. She is currently in 82 St Antonin Noble Val but we can help her travel to the right home elsewhere in France.  If you, or someone you know, is looking for a sweet-natured and undemanding companion then Bibi would be just purrrfect so please get in touch.

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