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Biscuit was one of seven young cats we took into our care as part of a mission organised by the department’s vet service to remove more than 40 cats from an 8th floor apartment where they were living with their owners. Surprisingly, although a bit thin, the cats were healthy and quite sociable though rather timid.  Biscuit and the others have since been chipped, sterilised, vaccinated, worm and flea treated and have tested negative for FIV/FeLV. They are lovely cats who are now much more confident and looking for the chance of a happy life with a family of their own.

Most ginger cats are male – more than seventy-five percent we’re told. Biscuit is one of the  female few and her attractive pale ginger markings make her easy to distinguish from her brother Baker. She is currently in a pension and would certainly soon settle well in a kind home.  She has a birth date on her i-cad registration of 01-01-23 but that is simply the vet recording that she was born sometime last year.  Kittens are almost never born in January and Biscuit was probably born around July or August which makes her 7-8 months old. She is of course used to living with other cats and is at the moment in a shared pen with Baker, almost certainly her brother; for anyone looking for two cats together they would make a good pair.

Biscuit is currently in 64 Betracq (Pyrénées Atlantique) but we can help her travel elsewhere in France. If this charming young cat would fit nicely into your household then contact us today.

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