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Biscuit and her brother Baker were two young cats rescued before Christmas from a horrendous hoarding situation, more than 50 cats crammed into an eighth floor apartment. Les Amis took seven of them into care and although a bit skinny they were surprisingly healthy and sociable once they had overcome their shyness.  We had no fosterers available so they all went into catteries; since then two have been adopted, two are in foster, and three (including Baker and Biscuit) are still in the cattery.

We were delighted in March when Baker and Biscuit were adopted together (they are quite bonded) but they were returned within a few days as ‘not using the litter tray and messing in the house’.  This was very puzzling as they had been totally clean from day one in the cattery and were just the same when they were returned.  We can only assume that the transition from a crowded apartment, then a cattery pen to a house with several rooms and a garden (they were allowed out) was confusing and stressful though they were apparently quite friendly. They are sociable cats, though Biscuit is a little shy at first, and we are confident that with careful introductions to their new situation (maybe first in a utility room or a barn or outbuilding) they would be as clean as they always have been.

We are therefore looking for someone to take these two together and give them a second chance. If they really can’t adapt to living as house cats, then if you have a barn or stables which need keen rodent exterminators that would be an ideal situation for this friendly pair.  They have now been in a cattery pen for four months and they desperately need a place of their own.  Baker and Biscuit are about ten months old and are chipped, sterilised, fully vaccinated, and have tested negative for FIV/FeLV . They are not used to dogs but are of course well used to living with other cats. If you could give this lovely pair a fresh start in a welcoming home then please contact us.  They are currently in 64 (Pyrénées Atlantique) but we can help them move elsewhere in France.

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