Enquire about CATS AND KITTENS

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If you are looking for a cat (at any time of year) or a kitten (mainly during the kitten seasons), please contact us.

We are in close contact with two refuges and often can recommend cats that we know very well, or, as is often the case, we have cats waiting to be adopted.

During the kitten season, we are often asked to take on abandoned or orphaned kittens, even from just a day or so old, and they are brought up in family environments.

We may also be looking for

  • Homes for senior cats, or cats with chronic conditions for whom refuge life means life in a cage because they are not fit enough or unable to mix with other cats for a variety of reasons.
  • Homes for those semi-feral cats in the refuges with which we work, to join in our “barn cat” scheme – whereby these cats undertake the role as “Rodent Controller” in return for bed and board.
  • Short-term foster homes for cats or kittens in recovery from serious injury or illness so that they can convalesce to full health and are ready to be adopted to their forever homes.