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You may remember the kitten Chance who came into our care a couple of months ago in a pitiful state having been shot many times and with the pellets still lodged in his body. He was very underweight and wobbly but with nourishing food, lots of love and good vet care he has bounced right back; he now moves normally, is playful and affectionate, and he is the right weight for his age of nine months.

Chance is chipped, sterilised and fully vaccinated and is now in foster in Toulouse. In his previous foster home he lived happily with other cats and a dog.  The pellets are still in his body as they all missed major organs and vet advice was to leave them where they are as they are not causing any problems. Because of Chance’s history there would be no charge for his adoption and our association would cover the veterinary fees for any treatment arising from the pellets remaining in his body.

Despite the terrible treatment he suffered at the hands of humans, Chance is a friendly and affectionate young cat.  He is a little shy with strangers but his curiosity soon gets the better of him and he purrs happily when he is stroked.  After all he has been through he deserves a kind and loving family of his own – could you find a place for him in yours?

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